from by Leslie Hudson



There are 285 Rules of Acquisition though many remain a mystery. If this incompletion upsets you, recall Rule 19: “satisfaction is not guaranteed.” Just ask a Dabo girl.


Over the years spinnin’ the Dabo wheel
I learned a couple lessons
A deal is a deal is a deal
Oho, for a Ferengi it’s a steal

Gotta fill this requisition
By the Rules of Acquisition, oho

Once you have their money you never give it back
Your dignity and an empty sack is only worth the sack
Oho, keep a Ferengi coming back

I don’t want an inquisition
Just the Rules of Acquisition, oho

The bigger the smile
The sharper the knife
Greed is eternal and every man has his price
Oho, for a Ferengi this is life

There’s no free your inhibitions
In the Rules of Acquisition, oho

There is no profit without the risk
Remember that women and money should never ever mix
Oho, it’s a Ferengi wish list

Feedin’ business and ambition
With the Rules of Acquisition, oho
I think I’ve laid out my position
On the Rules of Acquisition, oho

You can be a politician
Or creative mathematician
With a latinum commission
And a less-than-legal mission
If you promise your submission
To the Rules of Acquisition, oho

Basin’ all of your decisions
On the Rules of Acquisition, oho


from Yeoman on the Bridge, released November 22, 2016
Leslie Hudson : piano & vocals
Kris Womack : electric guitar
John Cooperider : bass
Dave Toms : drums
Gary White : electric guitar & solo
Neil MacNaughton : trumpet
Ashley Beattie : alto sax

Written by Leslie Hudson

Produced by Charlie Jacklin & Leslie Hudson
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Charlie Jacklin at Kerr Village Productions, Oakville ON

Album design by Karl Stahl & Leslie Hudson
Album illustrations by Karl Stahl



all rights reserved


Leslie Hudson Burlington, Ontario

Leslie Hudson is an independent musician, based in the Toronto area of Ontario, Canada.

A unique blend of styles and influences, she can beat the piano into submission or lull it to sleep, depending on her mood.

Armed with a powerhouse voice and more than 25 years of songwriting, she performs solo and with her various bands.

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